Full Reviews of the First Years B540 Compass Folding Adjustable Booster

B540 Compass Folding Adjustable Booster

The B540 Compass Ultra Adjustable Folding Booster made by First Years is quite excellent product and has many good reviews in customers. The following is one of the comprehensive reviews of it.

To be honest, the B540 model has many similarities with the B530, such as they actually share the same instruction manual. But there are also a lot of differences between them.

Full Reviews of the First Years B540 Compass Folding Adjustable Booster


First, compared with B530, B540 has more padding built into the cover. For better SIP, its head-wings are 2” deeper. Second, it has sleeping support which makes it very comfortable to sit on it. Third, B540 has headrest with Epp foam lining while B530 with EPS. Although both EPP and EPS foam are materials which can absorb energy, EPS is less durable and is more likely to crack under harsh conditions than EPP. So, the B540 is better than B530 in this aspect.

Both the B540 and B530 models are designed for children from 38-57” tall, 30-100 lbs and who are 3 years or over. It is not certain that it will be suitable for 30lb, 3 years old children. It is just for the common. So, the best practice is to keep your children in a 5-pt harness until they are 40 lbs in the condition that they can still fit the height-wise.

The B540 offers us so much in a lot of aspects, including :

1.It can be very handy in certain situation without folding it. I m not for gimmicks but that is a very useful feature.

2.In high position, it can also stay fully enclosed because the no-gap backrest.

3.It can offer you a very comfortable recline angle.

4.Its supportive headrest is very deep and this makes it incredibly comfortable to sit on it.

5.It is padded very well.

6.The lifespan of it is 7 years which is quite long for a booster.

7.2 retractable cup holders are exceedingly convenient and useful.

8. It can still work effectively in positions with head restraints which are fixed and angled.

Full Reviews of the First Years B540 Compass Folding Adjustable Booster


My 5 years old, 45lb, 44” child can fit the seating position quite well. When he sits on it, the shoulder belt is positioned correctly across his collar bone. The lap belt portion of the seatbelt also can touch the tops of his thighs. What is more important, he says that he has plenty of growing room in it and it is very comfortable.

Full Reviews of the First Years B540 Compass Folding Adjustable Booster


There are also some disadvantages of the product. Even most of these are not really disadvantages. I still list them here as suggestions for potential customers.

1. The back of it is not removable because it is a high back booster.

2.It is distinctly stated in the instruction manual that the B540 and B530 cannot be used in a cab pick-up truck which is small and extended.

3.On the backrest, there is only one, fixed, semi-reclined position which is not very good. Nevertheless, there is a little bit of “play” in this position.

4.Side torso wings are very shallow despite the fact that there are deep head-winds.

On conclusion, the B540 is a well-made booster on the whole. It has some unique features. It feels sturdy, but its weight is only 10 lbs. I love it in that you can change the headrest height by simply pressing two releases simultaneously. The process is very straightforward, but it makes it possible that the headrest can be lowered or raised freely. Additionally, the price is extremely reasonable. You are definitely worth considering B540 to meet your needs if you want to fit your children properly in your vehicle. Whenever possible, just try it before buying.