Top 5 Cute Baby Rain Coats

Cute Baby Rain Coats

With the spring’s coming, much rain is also coming which doesn’t happen in plan. Prepare a raincoat with your child any time. Here are 5 kinds of raincoat, you may like.

1. Wrapeaze Rain

Wrapeaze Rain

If you are looking for a baby raincoat, rather than a rain jacket, then I strongly recommend this Wrapeaze. You can put it directly above the baby clothes and coats make them from wet water.

This poncho is a one size fitting all mentality of the size of the sort, so the minimum size is designed for 0-24 months, the largest size is for adults. For the whole family, you can buy a matching cape, if you like!

Can be used only for yellow poncho.

2. L.L. Bean Rain Jacket

L.L. Bean Rain Jacket

With apparel and outdoor line, L.L. Bean’s Discovery Rain Coat made by a well-known company is my second recommendation for rain coats for your baby.
L.L. Bean is careful enough to make a design for just 6 months old which is hard to find in the market. It is really good at protecting your baby from raining because of its water-proof nylon fabric. I also found the matching drop-down rain pants which is ideal for having a stroll or walking in the park. If you gather L.L. Bean Rain Jacket, pants and rain boots together, your baby jumping into a liquid pool is a fun thing!
The price is great for the value. Available in 5 colors.

3. Kushies Splish Splash Rain Jacket

Kushies Splish Splash Rain Jacket

Between the parents who often use cloth diapers Kushies is a famous company. In fact, they also do a cool baby raincoat.

Their Splish Splash rain jacket fits for the size of the 6-month-old baby, and their matching adjustable leg hem drawstring pants. I love the slightly reflective tape jacket, and wearing the hijab visor can help to protect the little guy to feel like under an umbrella.

There are a variety of colors.

4. Tuffo Muddy Buddy Overalls

Tuffo Muddy Buddy Overalls

Now, this is a sturdy wet weather coat! The Tuffo Muddy Buddy overalls can be used in not only rainy days, but also can keep clothes clean when your children are playing mud, exploring the pond and the beach, or any kind of messy play. The dual front zipper help them to turn on and off simply.

This rain gear takes the size of the toddler and 12-month into consideration. Any child can find his suit size.
Yellow, blue, pink are on the line.

5. Hatley Infant Rain Bundler

Hatley Infant Rain Bundler

The most attractive raincoat for me is the Hatley Infant Rain Bundler. For added comfort, these cute rain overalls are lined in soft terry cloth. In order to make the children in the position of dry, the rain strapping on the hood with a broad-brimmed, waterproof fabric and reinforced seams. The minimum size for 12-18 months baby.

Several different prints are available.